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According to a recent survey, data suggests that an estimated 77% of cars are in need of maintenance or repairs. But if you take care of your own car’s upkeep whenever possible, you’ll want to be well-stocked with autobody supplies. Whether you’re planning on fixing a scratch in your paint or you’re working on restoring a classic car to its former glory, here are just a few basic products you’ll want to get from your auto body and paint supply store for any project.

  1. Masking Tape: Tape is generally helpful for all sorts of household projects, but masking tape is one of the most important body shop supplies to keep in your garage, carport area, or shed. If you’ll be working with automotive paint supplies in any capacity, you should always take care to use masking tape to protect elements of the vehicle. When choosing your masking tape from a local auto body and paint supply store, make sure to factor in the weather conditions (including temperature) and the length of time you’ll need to use the tape for. This can ensure a clean removal process.
  2. Sanding Supplies: Another one of the most common auto body supply products you’ll need is your sandpaper of choice. Rolls of sandpaper, sandpaper sheets, sanding discs, and sanding blocks are all viable options for all kinds of automotive jobs. If you’re painting or repairing a vehicle, sanding equipment can help create a smooth surface and a higher quality final result. Ideally, you should visit your auto body paint and supply store or place an order online for a variety of grits to ensure all of your bases are covered.
  3. Safety Gear: Even if you’re extremely experienced in this area, you’ll still need to take proper safety precautions. That means you should always have access to protective gear while working on any automotive project. These might include dust masks, goggles, and gloves, at the bare minimum. For more intensive jobs, you might need to invest in earplugs, coveralls, paint spray suits, and respirators. Before you begin any restoration, you should ensure you’re putting safety first.

For both basic and advanced car repair and maintenance projects, you can rely on your favorite auto body and paint supply store to provide the equipment you need. For more information on how we can make your next project a successful one, contact our team at Classic Body Supply today.

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