3 Tips On Choosing Auto Paint

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No matter how well you care for your car, it will eventually incur damage over time. Although we tend to focus on the internal workings of a vehicle, and understandably so, its external appearance matters as well. Right now, there are four main issues that cause auto body damage. These include negligence, fender benders, weather, and high-speed collisions. Fortunately, a lot of this damage isn’t too major and can be fixed with just a few aesthetic repairs.

Perhaps one of the more basic but effective repairs you can implement is a fresh coat of auto paint. Whether you’re refreshing a car that simply needs a new look, or restoring a heavily damaged vehicle, you should be aware that different selections of auto paint are being released constantly. The best types of paint that you could find at an auto body supply store a few years ago may already have been outpaced by new products. With that being said, let’s explore what you should consider when buying auto paint, and what to look for in this product.

1. Shade Matters

When choosing auto paint, you shouldn’t just think about the chemical components of the paint, but also the color. Some vehicle owners will prefer to keep their cars the same color throughout their lifetimes. Others like to switch up their paint colors simply because they’re interested in a different look. There is also occasionally an opportunity to lay down a fresh coat of paint, either because a car is being rebuilt or even built from a kit for the first time.

Different auto paint shades send different messages. If you’re planning on going to a typical office job, you may not necessarily want a car in a bright, unusual color like hot pink. A more neutral tone could fit in better with the general image you may be trying to project to others. Of course, opinions on color do change over time. While white, for example, was often associated with commercial vehicles in the past, now it’s seen as clean and modern. Metallic colors like gold and copper are also gaining popularity. And while bright yellows and reds may be seen as too flashy by some, others are embracing their boldness. Keep in mind that the color you choose could very well affect the value of your car.

2. Consider Resins

When buying auto paint, you should carefully consider the main three types of resins available among automotive paint supplies. These include acrylic enamel, acrylic lacquer, and urethane. All of these resins have different advantages and disadvantages.

Typically, those that choose urethane paints do so because these products tend to dry faster and are also rather durable. On the other hand, enamel paints are more environmentally friendly. They’re also water-based. Lacquer paints tend to be the most difficult to maintain of these three options. It will be the shiniest paint easily and is often favored for this reason. However, it must be regularly waxed in order to maintain that shine. Fortunately, you can often find this wax at auto body supply stores. But even if you use waxes, lacquer paint still often becomes brittle. This is why this type of paint is usually only used on restored classic cars.

3. Plan the Application Process

There are a lot of issues to think about before you paint a car. Remember the different types of paint applications. In both stages, you’ll need to think about priming the surface first. After that, you can take a one- or two-stage application process.

A single-stage application would involve applying the auto body supply products in a single coat, both the paint itself and the gloss blended together. In a two-stage application process, a base coat and the shade of paint are both applied before a clear layer is applied. This last layer adds gloss and further protects the paint job from the elements.

Before buying body shop supplies, remember how important it is to consider not just the brand of the supplies that you’re buying, but where you’re buying them from. Prioritize buying high-quality products from sellers that you trust. You can’t go wrong when working with people who can give you advice based on experience.

3 Types Of Supplies That You Need In A Body Shop

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Surveys have recently shown that about 77% of all cars were in need of maintenance or repairs. If your car is looking worse for wear, the last thing you want to do is let it sit there and get even worse over time. But working on a car’s aesthetic, in some ways, can be even more challenging than working on interior issues within the car. When something mechanical is wrong with your car, you can know that taking it to the mechanic should fix the issue. An aesthetic problem, or an issue with its outer body, often requires you to make some more personal decisions. What color do you want your car to be? Do you want it to have more of a muscled look or something else entirely?

Body shop supplies differ from the typical auto mechanic supplies. Before you hit the auto body supply store, let’s look into some of the most important supplies you need to consider adding to your toolbox if you don’t already have them.

1. A Painting Kit

When we think of what a body shop does and the most important body shop supplies, we often think about painting. A car’s look can drastically be changed by a fresh coat of paint, and there are a few things that can make it much easier to paint a car fully in a relatively short period of time. Of course, you’ll need a paint gun, which will allow you to spray paint over the car in an even wash of color. For that matter, different nozzles can make it easier for you to get into narrow nooks and crannies. You’ll also want an air compressor, as this will make it easier for you to use the paint gun. Air hoses will allow you to conduct the air under pressure, and you’ll need one that is both light and extended. When visiting an auto body paint and supply store, you may also want to consider a paint booth. It really depends on how often you’ll be painting cars. A paint booth allows you to create a designated space for painting vehicles, confining your work to a specific space.

2. Glass Repair Tools

It’s all too easy for windshields and windows to be cracked or otherwise broken. This can be a major aesthetic and practical issue for your car. Therefore, you should utilize glass repair tools when you can, and definitely make them a part of your list of body shop supplies. The most important tools, in this case, would be a caulking gun, which dispenses adhesives for repairs, followed by removal tools, which would help you remove the damaged glass safely, and a glass setting stick, which would ensure that the windshield or windows were set in place properly.

3. Other Repair Tools

Obviously, you’re not going to be doing the same types of in-depth repairs with body shop supplies that you would be making with internal repairs. But you still need to own repair tools, which can be found at an auto body and paint supply store. You should keep dent repair tools on hand, as well as fillers and spreaders, and a frame straightener for bigger repairs. These types of tools will essentially let you put the car back into shape after it’s been twisted or otherwise aesthetically damaged. You can’t use your automotive paint supplies before the car’s body is in shape and ready to be painted.</p.

Working on a car can be challenging, but when it comes to creating a new look and style for a damaged vehicle, it’s a labor of love. It will all be worth it when you look at the car you’ve been working on and see it freshly painted and restored.

Where Do You Get Auto Body Paint Supplies?

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Unsightly auto body damage can really change how you feel about your car. The good news is much of the damage can be corrected with supplies you get from the autobody paint supply store.


In this age of DIY, there are a lot of people that are willing to take on auto paint repairs themselves. If you are one of those DIY enthusiasts and are looking for autobody supplies, you want to turn to the autobody paint supply store that you can trust.


What Causes Paint Failure?

If your paint on your vehicle is starting to look a little shabby, there are a few main causes of paint failure that might have caused the problem:

    • The elements. Weather can be an enemy of your paint. Snow, sleet, rain, and even the sunshine are all putting wear and tear on your vehicle’s paint job.


    • Fender benders. Getting scraped up in the parking lot at your local grocery store is not that uncommon and it can really tear up your paint. Even a small scratch can lead to major paint damage down the road.


    • Road hazards. Sand, salt, dirt, rocks — all of it can dent and ding your paint and leaving it looking awful.


    • Collisions. It should go without saying, but car accidents can really mess up your paint. While that might not be your biggest worry after a crash, it’s important to remedy it right away.


Professional body shops can attest to the fact that there are a lot of hazards out there when it comes to the paint on your vehicle. With the right autobody paint supply store in your corner, you can get the products that will help to keep your paint looking new.


Forget Big Box Discount Stores

Frankly, whether you run a professional shop or you’re an owner who wants to perform your own auto body repairs, you shouldn’t look for autobody supplies at an automotive big box store. Body shop supplies are just not readily available in these types of stores — at least, not body shop supplies of high quality.


The pros know that shopping at an auto body and paint supply store is the only way to find the products that you need to get that professional finish. Novices may not realize that quality really counts when it comes to auto body supply products.


The fact is sub-par products give you sub-par results. Sometimes, it is not the skill of the person applying the products but the quality of the products themselves that will determine the results. Shop where the pros shop at the trusted autobody paint supply store and get the professional results you deserve.

Auto Body Supplies You Should Keep in Your Garage

Your auto body supply store has many of the items you need for your vehicle to keep it in great condition for as long as possible. Since more than 75% of vehicles need maintenance or repairs at any given time, it’s important to have the supplies necessary to keep your car running reliably.

Not sure what you need when it comes to buying body shop supplies? Use this guide to help you out so your car is always able to get the care it needs, whether you take it into the auto body paint and supply store for assistance or you want to use what you have on-hand.

Rust Repair Spray

Rust can quickly destroy a vehicle, and not just the way it looks. When rust starts to set in, it can quickly eat away at your paint job or worse, damage the metal construction underneath. Your auto body and paint supply store has rust destroying spray that can help make the rusty parts of your car less noticeable and keep rust from spreading.

Matching Paint

If your car gets a scratch on it, you can quickly repair the spot if you have the right automotive paint supplies. You want matching paint, applying brushes, drying tools, and special cloth to make any scratch or peeling paint good as new again. Your auto body supply store specialist will work hard to help you match the paint you need to the car you have.

Waxing Kit

Waxing your car allows you to keep the vehicle in beautiful, shining condition. A good coat of wax also protects the paint job, allowing you to keep the custom or standard paint on your car in beautiful condition. You can buy all the waxing supplies you need to wax your car from your auto paint store. Your auto supply store specialist will help you choose the best waxing kit for your needs.

When you invest in your vehicle, you invest in your car’s future. Your money is well-spent when you shop wisely for the things you need for your car, so ask a sales specialist at your local auto body supply store to assist you. There are many things you can buy for your vehicle along with the aforementioned auto body essentials. When putting any items in your garage, make sure they are sealed properly and kept away from the heat.

Reasons to Paint Your Car Silver

When you paint your car, you want to paint it a color that will last. You also want to paint it a color that will be beneficial to you and will make your car even safer to drive on the road. Auto paint has a lot to do with how well your vehicle drives, and did you know that main causes of body damage have to do with paint?

Weather can cause paint to wear off, neglecting your car can cause paint to chip and rust, a fender bender can make paint wear off due to dents, and high speed crashes are also damaging to a car’s body. These four things are the main causes of auto body destruction and all have to do with paint. Silver is the best color to paint your car; here are reasons why you should consider silver for your vehicle when you go to your auto body paint and supply store.

Your Car is More Appealing

Silver is a great color for your car if you want to improve its appeal without putting a lot of work into it. Silver is a commanding, professional color, and can be a great way to upgrade your vehicle in many ways. Whether you want to sell your vehicle in the future or you just want to upgrade your ride for your own personal use, body shop supplies can give you the right color silver for your needs.

Your Car is More Visible

Do you want to make your car more visible, and therefore safer, on the road? The best way to do this is to have your car painted a beautiful and reflective color, such as silver. Since silver is a color that is highly reflective, you can do your part to make your car even more noticeable by painting your vehicle this color. You can get the paint you need at your auto body paint and supply store. The right automotive paint supplies will make your car look professionally painted when you’re done.

Your Car is More Protected

A coat of silver paint does good to make your car more protected against the weather and scratches from an accident. If your car is in its best outer condition, it can last longer and be free of dents and dings. Autobody supplies, such as autobody paint supplies, can be found at your local auto body paint and supply store, which you can be referred to by your mechanic.

There are several shades of silver to pick from, from a lighter shade of silver to something darker and more defined. If you want silver with metallic flecks in it, let the experts at your auto body paint and supply store know. Your auto body specialists will give you the tools you need to help make your car painting experience a success.

3 Auto Body Supply Products You Should Always Keep On-Hand

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According to a recent survey, data suggests that an estimated 77% of cars are in need of maintenance or repairs. But if you take care of your own car’s upkeep whenever possible, you’ll want to be well-stocked with autobody supplies. Whether you’re planning on fixing a scratch in your paint or you’re working on restoring a classic car to its former glory, here are just a few basic products you’ll want to get from your auto body and paint supply store for any project.

  1. Masking Tape: Tape is generally helpful for all sorts of household projects, but masking tape is one of the most important body shop supplies to keep in your garage, carport area, or shed. If you’ll be working with automotive paint supplies in any capacity, you should always take care to use masking tape to protect elements of the vehicle. When choosing your masking tape from a local auto body and paint supply store, make sure to factor in the weather conditions (including temperature) and the length of time you’ll need to use the tape for. This can ensure a clean removal process.
  2. Sanding Supplies: Another one of the most common auto body supply products you’ll need is your sandpaper of choice. Rolls of sandpaper, sandpaper sheets, sanding discs, and sanding blocks are all viable options for all kinds of automotive jobs. If you’re painting or repairing a vehicle, sanding equipment can help create a smooth surface and a higher quality final result. Ideally, you should visit your auto body paint and supply store or place an order online for a variety of grits to ensure all of your bases are covered.
  3. Safety Gear: Even if you’re extremely experienced in this area, you’ll still need to take proper safety precautions. That means you should always have access to protective gear while working on any automotive project. These might include dust masks, goggles, and gloves, at the bare minimum. For more intensive jobs, you might need to invest in earplugs, coveralls, paint spray suits, and respirators. Before you begin any restoration, you should ensure you’re putting safety first.

For both basic and advanced car repair and maintenance projects, you can rely on your favorite auto body and paint supply store to provide the equipment you need. For more information on how we can make your next project a successful one, contact our team at Classic Body Supply today.